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All along, based on the traditional excellent moral thoughts, yirentang has been making innovations and constantly exploring higher quality and healthy mask products, leading the trend of healthy fashion and striving to create a healthy..

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Since its establishment, Yirentang has been committed to the cause of loving care and health in accordance with the business principles of “keeping virtue and kindness in mind, cultivating the body, and practicing benevolence”. The KS-9005  mask produced by Yirentang has passed all the tests of GB2626-2006, GB2626-2019 and the EU standard of EN149:2001 + A1:2009. The CE certificate is issued and has been certified by SGS and ISO-9001-2015..


Gao Fu, National Center for Disease Control and Prevention: The epidemic is just a smoke bomb. Covid-19 may have existed decades ago.

On September 25th, 2021, according to the remarks made by Gao Fu, the director of China CDC in Zhongguancun Forum, the wide spread of COVID-19 epidemic should be regarded as a ”grey rhinoceros” incident in the world, and it is not a ”black swan” incident. According to the ...

Italian blood sample re-examination: Covid-19 may have spread in Italy in October of the previous year

According to foreign media reports on the 20th, two European laboratories recently re-examined blood samples collected by the National Cancer Center in Milan, Italy before the outbreak of COVID-19, and the results showed that Covid-19 may have spread in Italy as early as October 2019. But researc...

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